Summer Streets 2014 Bike Portraits

Thanks to all who came out for a bike portrait at Summer Streets last Saturday! Big thanks to Bicycle Habitat forView full post »

Kicking off Bike Month – With Bike Portraits, Obviously

Even though many of us ride the whole year round, May is officially Bike Month. Whole Foods hosted a Bike Month KickoffView full post »

Kick off Bike Month with Bike Portraits at Whole Foods Tribeca

May is here, Bike Month is here, and halfway decent weather is here! Time to celebrate with some bike portraits. WholeView full post »

chasing mailboxes bikedc portrait

#BikeDC: Mary Gersemalina

Earlier this week I made an unplanned trip to Washington, DC to attend the National Bike Summit. DC bike commuter MaryView full post »

bill de blasio bike

Sort of Bike Portrait: Bill de Blasio

Yesterday New York City elected its new mayor, Bill de Blasio, in a landslide. In many ways de Blasio ran as the anti-View full post »

motobecane bike new york

In Passing: Kent Ave, Williamsburg

Many, many more candids of NYC cyclists in the “In Passing” gallery.View full post »

Laura Solís bike portrait new york

Laura Solís Bike Portrait

Recently bumped into the always very busy Laura Solís! (With Ernie Jr. III, her yellow Fuji Feather.) Laura works toView full post »

kids on bike yuba cargo

Lizzie in Chinatown

Lizzie, kids, Yuba Bicycle. “I’m on the way to pick up the third one from school.” Allen St bike laneView full post »


Citi Bike Portrait: Lenny the Hotel Doorman

Lenny Faverey lives in Long Island and has been a hotel doorman in Midtown Manhattan for 30 years. He’s also anView full post »

Bike Portraits at Summer Streets 2013

For the third year in a row, I partnered with Bicycle Habitat to take #bikenyc portraits outside their store duringView full post »

New York Bike Portrait: Ryan Brenizer

Ryan Brenizer is one of the most admired and in-demand wedding photographers in New York City or anywhere else for thatView full post »

Kevin and the Cannondale Track, Take 2

Here’s another portrait from my shoot with Kevin Liu, winner of the Transportation Alternatives fundraisingView full post »

ryan brenizer bike candid

Candid: Ryan Brenizer

This morning I bumped into Ryan Brenizer of Ryan Brenizer Photography – a kickass photographer (the kind thatView full post »

Kevin Cannondale Track bike

Bike Portrait: Kevin and his 1992 Cannondale Track

I recently partnered with Transportation Alternatives to offer a‪#‎BikeNYC‬ portrait shoot as part ofView full post »

George Hahn Citi Bike Fashion

How to Look Good on a Citi Bike

Finally got around to writing this comprehensive guide. With help from George Hahn and without further ado, I give youView full post »

Dorothy Kiều Lê bike portrait

New York Bike Portrait: Chance Encounter in a Small Town

Chance encounter: Dorothy Kiều Lê in Chinatown Last night I ran into my friend Dorothy on her bike in Chinatown. SheView full post »

sheryl bike photo alice austen house

Bike Portraits at the Alice Austen House Museum

This portrait of Sheryl will be one of two BikeNYC portraits on display at the ALICE AUSTEN HOUSE MUSEUM as part ofView full post »


Bike Portrait: Lance Jacobs of “The Virtuous Bicycle”

Lance Jacobs is a lifelong New Yorker and cyclist. His love for cycling has persisted from the paper route route he hadView full post »

Bike Portrait for Momentum Magazine: Sam

“I love riding in the bike lane. It’s right outside of my house. My friends gave me this bike, and now IView full post »

new york bike delivery guy

New York City Bike Delivery Guy: Eddy

I met Eddy in the West Vilalge. He complimented my Brompton, we got to talking. How do you like the work?  ItView full post »

bike style new york city

Bike Portrait: E. on 2nd Ave

From an on-the-street shoot for the new issue of Momentum Magazine. E. is a stylist from DC who was job-huntingView full post »

Cyclist Candid: Relaxed in Motion

Sometimes you get the pan just right. And the subject will unwittingly give you a statuesque pose. Over 100 more “View full post »

Bike Messenger Portrait: Gabriel

“I’ve been a messenger for 2 years. It pays the bills while I’m in school.” Bike: Bianchi ViaView full post »

new york bike fashion

New York Bike Portrait: Faye and her Biria

“I like it but it’s slow! I feel like everyone and their mom passes me.”View full post »


Brooklyn Xtracycle

“Matt, a photographer is chasing you.” Matt’s wife was right – I saw these two riding intoView full post »

In Passing

So many New Yorkers on bikes, you can’t stop em all for a portrait. So I’ve been capturing some of them inView full post »

citi bike portrait michael attorney

Citi Bike Portrait: Michael the Lawyer

Michael, attorney. “I live in Long Island City and work near Grand Central, so my commute is a quick train ride.View full post »

Neal on Vanderbilt

Met Neal on his Windsor bicycle as we waited for the light at Vanderbilt and Atlantic in Brooklyn. “Sure, you canView full post »

Citi Bike Portrait: Hallie

Here’s another entry in the Why I Ride series for Streetsblog: Hallie works at the nonprofit WaterAidAmerica. AfterView full post »


Patrick: NYPD Officer on a Bike

Patrick, NYPD officer, Little Italy There just aren’t that many cops on bikes in New York, so I was glad PatrickView full post »


Citi Bike Portrait: Werner

Here’s another entry in the Why I Ride series for Streetsblog: Werner is a retired sociology professor living inView full post »


Citi Bike Portrait: Emily

Here’s another entry in the Why I Ride series for Streetsblog: Emily lives in the East Village and commutes toView full post »


Citi Bike Portrait: Joe Zaro

Joe Zaro owns Zaro’s, a local chain of bakeries with locations in Grand Central and Penn Station, among others. HeView full post »


Citi Bike Portrait: Damon

I’m doing a series of Why I Ride profiles of Citi Bike members for Streetsblog. Here’s the first one! DamonView full post »

george hahn brooklyn cruiser bike flatiron building

George Hahn, Brooklyn Cruiser, Flatiron Building

Here’s another portrait from my shoot with George Hahn. The fates conspired to mostly clear the background ofView full post »

ken avidor roberta avidor brompton bicycles

Ken and Roberta Avidor and their Bromptons

Look at these hipsters on their fixies… but seriously. Ken and Roberta Avidor are artists living in MinneapolisView full post »

larry emilia bike father daughter

Taking his daughter to school by bike

When I took the bike portrait of Josephine and her two kids, she introduced me to Larry, who regularly takes hisView full post »

bike new york portrait stefi

Bike Portrait: Stefi at the Manhattan Bridge

Stefi moved here from Berlin a few months ago. She was used to riding everywhere so she got a cheap but practical bikeView full post »

George Hahn Brooklyn Cruiser Bike New York

New York Bike Portrait: George Hahn and his Brooklyn Cruiser

George Hahn with his Brooklyn Cruiser at the pedestrian plaza across from the Flatiron Building. George runsView full post »

bike portrait new york

Bike Portrait: Ja’Juan and the Schwinn Le Tour

“I moved here a few months ago from North Carolina. It was pretty boring there – I’m loving life hereView full post »

Calista and her Brompton

Calista was commuting from Flatbush to her job at the Whole Foods in Tribeca. “I had plans to be the first famousView full post »

ilea greenpoint astra folding bike

Brooklyn Bike Portrait: Ilea in Greenpoint

Ilea lives in Greenpoint and works as a nurse at NYU Hospital. “I got this bike (Motobecane Astra folding bike,View full post »

bike portrait xtracycle mom kids

Bike Portrait: Taking the Kids to School by Bike

After yesterday’s portrait of Janette Sadik-Khan, let’s meet someone who uses New York’s developingView full post »

janette sadik-khan citi bike share

Bike Portrait: Janette Sadik-Khan and Citi Bike

Janette Sadik-Khan is the Transportation Commissioner for New York City. Under her leadership, the DOT has implementedView full post »

mother child bike portrait bike seat new york

Bike Portrait: Annie and Dre

Annie’s a lifelong New Yorker who’s been getting around by bicycle for most of her time living in the cityView full post »

janine bike portrait dutch bike

Bike Portrait: Janine

I heard Janine before I saw her, thanks to the dance music coming out of some decent speakers mounted on her WorkcyclesView full post »

abel personal trainer dahon folding bike

Bike Portrait: Abel in Central Park

Abel is a personal trainer. “I tell all my clients to get a bike. The ladies are always worrying about the legsView full post »

bullitt bike father son baby cargo bike

Bike Portrait: Manuel, Otto, and the Bullitt Cargo Bike

Manuel and his son Otto in Transmitter Park in Greenpoint. “It’s Otto’s bike, really. He only weighsView full post »

new york bike portrait walter science teacher

New York Bike Portrait: Walter and his Raleigh

Walter is a retired science teacher. “I’ve lived here my whole life. I’ve been riding a bike in NewView full post »

china tourist bike new york

Visiting from Beijing; Exploring New York by Bike

Met this nice tourist from China in Central Park. Our communication was pretty much non-verbal. After I took a quickView full post »

brooklyn new york bike portrait lyndon achee musician cargo bike

Bike Portrait: Lyndon Achee

Lyndon Achee: Steel drum musician, composer, cyclist. I caught up with Lyndon on Dean Street in Prospect Heights. WhenView full post »

Lela rose bikenyc

New York Bike Portrait: Lela Rose

I’ve said it before – you never know who you might meet on a bicycle in New York City. LastView full post »

helene verin public bike

Bike Portrait: Helene Verin

Helene Verin is a designer, author, and professor at the Fasion Institute of Technology. She’s fond of orange.View full post »

dogs on bikes

Brooklyn Bike Portrait: Aaron and Teeter

Aaron works in construction in Long Island City. Teeter rides to work with him every day from Bed-Stuy and hangs out atView full post »

senior citizen bike portrait

New York Bike Portrait: Richard and Helen in Greenwich Village

Richard and Helen in Greenwich Village. Helen: “When I lived in Brooklyn I biked everywhere. Then I moved toView full post »

bike portrait ian dutton bergen street bike lane

Brooklyn Bike Portrait: Ian and Shea

This is Ian Dutton and his wife Shea. Ian is an airline pilot, a cyclist, and an active member of his Prospect HeightsView full post »

linus bike in brooklyn new york city

Mila + Linus Bike + Manhattan Skyline

The India St. pier in Greenpoint, Brooklyn offers some great views of Midtown. Mila had just gotten off the East RiverView full post »

brooklyn bikes and dogs

Bikes and Dogs: Dian and Leo in Williamsburg

“I take him from the Brooklyn Navy Yard to the McCarren Park dog run in Greenpoint every day, once the weatherView full post »

mailman bike portrait new york

New York Bike Portrait: Frank the Mailman

Frank delivers mail in Chinatown. “I walk all day for work and I have a bad foot, so I ride my bike everywhereView full post »

Florencia and Ron

Florencia is a writer working at the United Nations. Ron is an Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn. Not only areView full post »

bike commuter portrait peter surgeon

Peter the Surgeon

This profile initially appeared last Friday on Streetsblog as part of the “Why I Ride” series. Peter, 33, is aView full post »

jill and her ross apollo in new york city

Jill and the Ross Apollo

Jill, actress (and her Ross Apollo), at 1st ave and 60th st. About her bike, she says, “Someone wonderful gave itView full post »

Julius on the Pulaski Bridge

Julius lives in Astoria and commutes to Long Island City and Downtown Brooklyn. One of his favorite parts of the rideView full post »

central park bike portrait liz patek cycle chic

Liz Patek in Central Park

Liz and I were actually supposed to meet back in March… of 2011. We’d arranged to meet at the entrance toView full post »

brooklyn williamsburg bike commuter cold winter

Cold Bike Portrait: Jayne in Williamsburg

  It’s been chilly here in New York this week. On Wednesday we had a high of 19° with a 1° wind chill.View full post »

Jason Chupick and his Brompton

Jason Chupick is a VP of Public Relations at Harpers Magazine. He lives in Jersey City and commutes on the train toView full post »

manhattan bike portrait bob gill

New York Bike Portrait: Bob Gill and the Butcher’s Basket

You never know who you’ll meet on a bike in New York. Yesterday it was famous illustrator/designer Bob Gill. &#View full post »

eric the elevator repairman

Manhattan Bike Portrait: Eric the Elevator Repairman

Eric, 6th Ave “Are you going to work?” “I’m working right now. I fix elevators. I used to haveView full post »

new york bike photos

East Village Bike Portrait

This cigar-smoking commuter in the East Village didn’t have time to chat. He did tell me, when I complimented hisView full post »

steve construction worker cyclist bike commuter greenpoint new york city

Brooklyn Bike Portrait: Steve in Greenpoint

“I do construction, all kinds of work – electrical, sheetrock. I got this bike from my brother 2 years agoView full post »

citizen miami folding bike portrait catherine manhattan new york

Catherine and her Citizen Miami Folding Bike on 8th Ave

Catherine was zipping to a Midtown meeting along 8th Ave but kindly stopped to pose with her Citizen Miami folding bikeView full post »

dahon getaway v bicycle portrait greenpoint brooklyn

Bike Portrait: Trevor and the Dahon Getaway V in Greenpoint

Leaving the Greenpoint farmers market, I saw a strange, yellow, saddle-less folding bike locked up to a post. I wasView full post »

new york bike portrait eric schwinn stingray

First Bike Portrait of 2013: Eric in the Financial District

30 degree day in New York yesterday, and the bikes were still out. Eric had a nonchalant “What, this old thing?&#View full post »

Thom in Queens

I met Thom by the farmers market in Jackson Heights, Queens. As soon as he appeared a group of kids ran up to him &#View full post »

Bike Commuter Portraits: Williamsburg Bridge

Yesterday morning I took portraits of bike commuters at the Williamsburg Bridge at rush hour. It was a bit of an View full post »

Bike Portrait: Eldrid in Flushing Meadows

This portrait and story initially appeared last Friday on Streetsblog as part of my “Why I Ride” series on NewView full post »

bike portrait of Mary at the United Nations

Bike Portrait: Mary at the United Nations

This portrait and story initially appeared last Friday on Streetsblog as part of my “Why I Ride” series on NewView full post »

New York Bike Portrait: Father and Son

Saw these two on the 1st Ave bike path, around 34th St. Usually if someone is reticent in a parent/child photoView full post »

luis super bike portrait bucket

Bike Portrait: Luis the Super

This portrait and story initially appeared last Friday on Streetsblog as part of my “Why I Ride” series onView full post »

bicycle portrait office chair andrea

Brooklyn Bike Portrait: Andrea and the Office Chair

Quite the splash of color on this gray Friday morning. Andrea is a designer in Greenpoint. In case you couldn’tView full post »

Bike Portraits in Bed-Stuy: Maggi and Alex

Maggi recently finished building a new bike and wanted to commemorate the occasion. A fan of my bicycle portraits, sheView full post »

bakfiets new york brooklyn williamsburg bridge

New York Bakfiets Portrait: Nina and the kids

Rainy day commute with a bakfiets. I’ve seen this group on the Williamsburg bridge a few times before. This timeView full post »

Dr. Jeff Weiss and his cruiser

Saw this green machine glide past me on 1st and 12th. Caught up with him at 14th Street, took the portrait between 14thView full post »

bilal egilmez tailor bicycle portrait

Bike Portrait: Bilal the Genius Taylor

When I stop someone on the street to do a bike portrait and give them my card, I like when I get one in return. And I&#View full post »

Mila and her Linus in Prospect Park

Last Friday was Good Friday, which meant early release for many of New York’s office toilers. In our case, itView full post »

bike portrait nora

Nora on Bleecker

Nora is an artist who also has her own dog walking business. “May I take your photo for my bike blog? You wouldnView full post »

Prospect park bike portrait xavier

Bike Portrait: Xavier in Prospect Park

I spotted Xavier on his Giant semi-recumbent bike as he was about to take a few laps around Prospect Park. I’dView full post »

havermeyer st williamsburg bicycle portrait

Bike Portrait: Jesse the Art Dealer

At any given time, Jesse shares his 1-bedroom Williamsburg apartment with 4-5 bikes in various stages of assembly. AndView full post »

bike portrait susan lindell recycle a bicycle

Bike Portrait: Susan Lindell of Recycle-A-Bicycle

Susan Lindell is a manager at Recycle-A-Bicycle in DUMBO and the newest contributor to the cycling blog Velojoy. SheView full post »

New York Bike Portrait: Jesse the Lawyer

Jesse is a first-year attorney at Ropes & Gray and, as far as he knows, the only bike commuter at the firm. HeView full post »

New York Bike Portrait: Ross in Queens

“Biggest problem is deciding which bike to ride,” Ross told me before we met up for a photo. Ross likesView full post »

Bike Portrait: Susan in Union Square

“I’ve been riding in New York City for 37 years. I practically raised my two kids on the back of a bike. IView full post »

Union Square Bike Portraits: Sebastian and Zack

Sebastian Delmont (and bird!) I finally got a chance to photograph Sebastian Delmont last week in Union Square.View full post »


What’s your name? “Jamaica.” Nice bike! “Thanks! I just finished putting it together.”View full post »

bicycle portrait of steve in chinatown

New York Bike Portrait: Steve in Chinatown

Steve’s been following this site for awhile and finally decided he wanted a bike portrait of his own. So heView full post »

Bicycle Portrait Ed Lederman

New York Bike Portrait: Ed Lederman

Ed Lederman is a talented and established architectural and panoramic photographer in New York City. He’s beenView full post »

Susi Wunsch bike portrait

Bike Portrait: Susi Wunsch of Velojoy

This is one of my favorite outtakes from a shoot awhile back with Susi Wunsch, who runs the cycling blog Velojoy. TheView full post »

cathy catwoman cannondale queens bike portrait

“People call me the Catwoman”

Though a little later she told me they also call her Cathy. I saw her on her Cannondale in Jamaica, Queens. &#View full post »

genevieve and clayton bike portrait in fort greene

Bicycle Portraits: Genevieve and Clayton in Fort Greene

Genevieve Walker is the newest contributor to the cycling blog Velojoy. Susi Wunsch, who runs that site, asked ViewView full post »

Bike Portrait of mother and daughter in Manhattan

New York Bike Portrait: Henriette and Paloma

Henriette lives in lower Manhattan, works in film set design and uses her bike for just about everything –View full post »

Lisa bicycle portrait in bed-stuy brooklyn

Bicycle Portrait: Lisa in Bed-Stuy

As seen on Streetsblog. Lisa is a city planner with Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration, an organization focused onView full post »

Jono bicycle portrait in Brooklyn

New York Bicycle Portrait: Jono

Another recent bicycle portrait that recently appeared on Streetsblog. Jono has worked as an assistant director forView full post »

bicycle portrait of julio on the lower east side

New York Bike Portrait: Julio on the Lower East Side

Julio has been working as a building superintendent for 15 years. During that time he has found that a bike is the bestView full post »

Bike Portrait: Iga in Greenpoint

Iga is a 15-year resident of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and she’s been biking around New York for about that long. SheView full post »

Bicycle Portrait: Janet and Michael in SoHo

I profiled Janet for my Streetsblog feature last month. Janet first started riding a bike in New York in the late 80sView full post »

Bike Portrait of Michele at the Manhattan Bridge

Bike Portrait: Michele at the Manhattan Bridge

Michele was headed home from Steiner Studios where she works as a scenic artist and agreed to pose for a bike portraitView full post »

Bicycle Portrait of Arnie and Leah at Summer Streets 2011

Arnie and Leah

I spotted this handsome cycling couple at Summer Streets last weekend and asked for a quick picture. Arnie and LeahView full post »

Shawn Drayton and Velorbis bike on high line

Shawn Drayton and his Velorbis Bike on the High Line

Alternate take from my shoot with Osloh Jeans founder Shawn Drayton for Momentum Magazine. We were shooting in ChelseaView full post »

Ray Bike Portrait Queens construction

Queens Bike Portrait: Ray

Ray is in charge of overseeing the Queens Plaza reconstruction project, which just last week finally yielded a kickassView full post »

Bike Portrait: Jessica and her Globe Daily in Brooklyn

Bike Portrait: Jessica and her Globe Daily 2

After I photographed her friend Jess back in March, Jessica and I connected on Twitter and talked about doing a bikeView full post »

Andrew Lenaghan painter bike portrait brooklyn

New York Bike Portrait: Andrew in Williamsburg

Andrew is a New Jersey native, a longtime Brooklyn resident, and a painter. I happened upon him and his bike/trailerView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait of Lotta and her Gazelle Dutch Bike in Park Slope Brooklyn

New York Cycle Chic: Lotta

Chance encounter in Park Slope. Swedish woman, Dutch bike. Lotta was in a hurry – well, I’m sorry. I was inView full post »

New York bike Portrait Cynthia

New York Bike Portrait: Cynthia and Adam

This is also on Streetsblog as part of the Why I Ride series. This is Cynthia and her son, Adam. They were out for aView full post »

New York Bike Portrait Carly and Burt

Brooklyn Bike Portrait: Carly and Burt

Ran into these guys on the Kent Ave bike path in Williamsburg and just had to ask for a portrait. Carly’s beenView full post »

New York Bike Portrait Saito

New York Bike Portrait: Saito

This is also on Streetsblog as part of the Why I Ride series. Saito is an artist and animator living in Long IslandView full post »

bike portrait emily dutch bike greenpoint brooklyn

Bike Portrait: Happy on a Dutch Bike

Another bike portrait with Emily and her recently acquired Dutch bike, post-headshot session. McGolrick Park,View full post »

Brooklyn Bike Portrait Emily Jacobi

Emily and her New Dutch Bike

Emily Jacobi is the executive director and founder of Digital Democracy, a nonprofit that seeks to use technology toView full post »

New York bike portrait lloyd

New York Bike Portrait: Lloyd

This post also appears on Streetsblog. Lloyd is a social worker living and working in the East Village. He’s onView full post »

New York Bike Portrait Kim Burgas in Central Park

New York Bike Portrait: Kim in Central Park

Kim Burgas in Central Park. Artist, designer, dancer, cyclist… Kim does it all, and does it well. Ever the womanView full post »

New York Bike Portrait Shawn Drayton

New York Bike Portrait: Shawn Drayton of OSLOH Jeans

This is Shawn Drayton, founder of OSLOH jeans, with his Velorbis bicycle. I was recently on assignment  to shoot aView full post »

New York Bike Portrait Gloria and Schwinn

Brooklyn Bike Portrait: Gloria

This post also appears on Streetsblog, as part of the Why I Ride series. A lifelong New Yorker, Gloria has lived mostView full post »

New York Bicycle Portrait Manny

New York Bike Portrait: Manny

Originally from the Bronx, Manny now lives in Queens. All told, he’s lived in New York for 58 years and has beenView full post »

bike portrait ashley jacquelyn bike new york

Bike New York, bike to work

This is Ashley (left) and Jacquelyn, from Bike New York. You might remember Jacquelyn from an earlier #BikeNYC shootView full post »

New York Bike Portrait Erin and Trek bicycle

New York Bike Portrait: Erin

I always like to see bikes like Erin’s – elegant, but clearly bearing the scuffs and scratches that come withView full post »

New York Bike Portrait: Coco and her dog Kika

New York Bike Portrait: Coco and Kika

This is Coco and her Schwinn, photographed next to the Hudson River Greenway near the Financial District. Her windsweptView full post »

New York Bike Photo: Anne and her red Biria bicycle

New York Bike Portrait: Anne

As you might have guessed, I bumped Anne on a sunny and windy day. I was blinded by a blur of red and asked for a photoView full post »

New York Cycle Chic: Carina Jensen

I met Carina Jensen by chance last Friday when I was out riding with Marc van Woudenberg of Amsterdamize.com. We sawView full post »

Marc from Amsterdamize.com in Manhattan.

BikeNYC Portrait: Marc (Amsterdamize in New Amsterdam)

Marc van Woudenberg, the powerhouse blogger/videographer/photographer behind Amsterdamize, is in town this weekend forView full post »

New York Bicycle Portrait: Bike Commuter Wilson in Manhattan

New York Bike Portrait: Wilson

It’s Friday, so today’s profile is also the fourth installment in the “Why I Ride” feature onView full post »

New York Bicycle Portrait: Joe and his Schwinn

New York Bike Portrait: Joe and his Schwinn

Sometimes you have to stop someone in the street and demand a bicycle portrait. This was one of those times. Joe hasView full post »

Brooklyn bicycle portrait of Johnny and his Biria bike in Williamsburg

New York Bike Portrait: Johnny

Johnny is an engineer living in Brooklyn and working in Manhattan. He bought this Biria bike about 5 years ago fromView full post »

Angelo Calilap (cycleangelo) and his Continuum Track bike in Williamsburg

New York Bike Portrait: Angelo and the new Continuum Track

We had maybe one or two nice weather days in March, and March 18 was  one of them – and a Friday to boot. I wasView full post »

New York Bike Portrait: John the Paramedic

This profile also appears on StreetsBlog, as part of their “Why I Ride” series. John is a paramedic withView full post »

New York Bicycle Portrait: Jeremy carrying a painting home on his bike

New York Bike Portrait: Jeremy Bought a Painting

I spotted Jeremy ferrying this painting on his bike in Greenwich Village. He had just bought it at a thrift store andView full post »

Bike Portrait: Reggae artist Ras-I and his folding bike in Fort Greene

Brooklyn Bike Portrait: Ras-I

Ras-I is a Reggae musician living in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. I spotted him talking to some friends  as I rode by. HeView full post »

Livingroom Johnston and his Iron Horse Cruiser Bike in Fort Greene Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bike Portrait: Jamal

Today’s post also appears on StreetsBlog as part of their Why I Ride feature. Jamal is a writer and painterView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait of Steve Vaccaro and his son Clark at Gantry Park in Queens

New York Bike Portrait: Steve and Clark in Long Island City

My first father and son #BikeNYC portrait. Steve Vaccaro and his son Clark. Steve is an attorney with the firm RankinView full post »

New York Bike Portrait: Sally and her Fuji bicycle in Queens

New York Bike Portrait: Sally in Queens

Note: This post also appears on StreetsBlog as part of their new “Why I Ride” feature. Originally fromView full post »

Krys and the Eighth Inch Scrambler, alternate take

Click this one to see it a little bigger. Here’s an alternate take from my shoot with Krys and her new Eighth InchView full post »

New York Bike Portrait: Krys and the Eighth Inch Scrambler

Krys Blakemore works as a bike mechanic at 718 Cyclery, a bike shop in Park Slope that you should check out. SheView full post »

New York Bike Portrait: Amanda with Raleigh and Flowers

I was riding on Vanderbilt from Prospect Park to Greenpoint, when I spotted this ahead of me: A sign of Spring! I didnView full post »

Brooklyn bike portrait of Trish and her Panasonic Sport 500 bike

New York Bike Portrait: Trish and her Panasonic Road Bike

Trish is a 3-season bike commuter living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. She works as a researcher for a nonprofit and onView full post »

New York bike portrait of guitar player Bic and his customized mountain bike

Central Park Bike Portrait: Bic

One of New York City's many bike commuters. I was on a typical Sunday Central Park ride – an exercise inView full post »

New York Bike Portrait of Pete and his Trek Antelope Mountain Bike

Manhattan Bike Portrait: Pete

Even though it’s technically spring now, winter has returned this week to kick our collective New York ass. ButView full post »

New York Bike Portraits: Julian and Devlin in Greenpoint

Julian lives in Bushwick but runs an audio mastering studio in Greenpoint. His wife Devlin teaches music and theaterView full post »

New York Bike Portrait: Ricky and his Custom Schwinn Stingray

Bike Portrait of Ricky – graffiti artist and DJ. I ran into Ricky and his customized Schwinn Stingray onView full post »

#TrikeNYC Portrait: Barbara and Gabriella

Barbara and her pooch Gabriella (Gabby) photographed underneath the East River Drive overpass. Remember when BrooklynView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Jess

Grecian Shelter (Croquet Shelter) in Prospect Park Jess first contacted me about doing a bike portrait back in DecemberView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Isaac

Isaac rides this bike to/from his job as a cleaner. Part of his commute takes him along the Prospect Park West bikeView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Les

Les and his bike caught my eye for some reason :). He’s been riding in New York since the 90s, mostly out ofView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Shmuli

I had the pleasure to meet and photograph Shmuli, fellow cyclist and photographer. Shmuli hails from Amersfoort, theView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Liz

Liz lives and bikes in the East Village. She rides year round, and likes to enjoy the sun on a bench in East River ParkView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Pat

I ran into Pat in East River Park – she looked so leisurely and comfortable as she cycled along the esplanade,View full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Todd

I met Todd on the Staten Island Ferry – we got to talking about biking in the city, and in Staten Island inView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Don

This is Don and his Yamaguchi. Don’s a friend of Angelo, whom I photographed back in November. A few of us wereView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Ryan pt 2

I really liked two portraits I shot with Ryan, so I’m posting the second one as well. This was actually takenView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Ryan

Ryan teaches science to elementary school kids. He commutes from Astoria, Queens to Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn onView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Erin

Erin is a writer in Boerum Hill. I was in her neighborhood yesterday morning and we took a bike portrait. When I wokeView full post »


Click for larger version We got a sneak preview of spring weather yesterday, and I was lucky enough to have a bikeView full post »

Bike Portrait: Hugo

Click for a larger version I previously posted a portrait of Hugo by the Bronx Zoo. The day that was taken we ended upView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: John in Staten Island

Click for a much larger version John. Staten Island resident, avid cyclist. I caught up with him on a chilly SaturdayView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Megan

Click for larger version Only a few months ago, Megan wasn’t that much into biking. Or having her portrait taken,View full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Hal

I think it’s safe to say that Hal Ruzal is New York City’s most famous bicycle mechanic. He’s been aView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Hugo

Hugo works as a bike mechanic in Long Island City. Before that, he worked as a messenger for a few years. He lives inView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Willie

I saw Willie pedaling through the courtyard of his apartment complex in the Bronx. We chatted a bit and he was game toView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Jana

Jana is a graphic designer working in DUMBO – and that where we met for this portrait of her with her 1970s FujiView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Jess

Jess Versus, professional tattoo artist, woman of many talents and interests, avid cyclist and fellow GreenpointView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Carlos

Carlos is the founder of Spokesman Cycles in Long Island City. He’s lived in Queens for something like 20 yearsView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Johnny

Riding in Queens on Vernon Blvd I spotted Johnny standing next to his bike in Queensbridge Park. He looked like someoneView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Chris

Chris is a freelance writer living in Clinton Hill. He’s writes about hip-hop and other things here. Like manyView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Jordan and Vaidila, Creators of Ride The City

#BikeNYC portrait of Jordan Anderson and Vaidila Kungys, the founders of www.ridethecity.com.View full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Marte and Jonathan

Marte and Jonathan live waay uptown in Washington Heights near Highbridge Park, and that’s where we took thisView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: John

John Watson, a.k.a. @JohnProlly. If you follow New York cycling online, you’ve likely come across his site,View full post »

BikeNYC Portraits: Jacquelyn and Ed

I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Jacquelyn and Ed bright and early Monday morning in  Greenpoint’View full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Scott

Scott is a student at the NYU Stern School of Business and one of the people behind the new City Spoke bike blog. AtView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Doug – Grand Army Plaza

Doug: writer, cyclist, dad. Doug lends a calm, articulate voice to the online discussion of city cycling with his newView full post »

BikeNYC Portrait: Jahmal

Asking someone on the street for a portrait is kind of hard by itself. There’s getting over the inhibition to askView full post »

BikeNYC portrait: Angelo

Click for bigger! Angelo cycles, Angelo takes photos. So we have some things in common. In fact, you really need toView full post »

Ian and Juniper

I spotted Ian on his bike with his dog Juniper at his side on Berry St near the McCarren Park tennis courts. IView full post »


“I never carry a lock with me, because I don’t want to let it out of my sight even for 5 minutes.”View full post »


I met Nels once, a couple of years ago, at a party hosted by his roommate. I ran into him again a few weeks ago, andView full post »

Joni (?)

I saw this gentleman in East River Park while I was waiting to do a #BikeNYC portrait with Nels (preview here) andView full post »


Noam: Third year law student at NYU. Location: Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn Bike: Bianchi Eros Noam’s bike used to belongView full post »


…is the word that comes most readily to mind. This may be my favorite after the Greenpoint Warehouse Terminal oneView full post »


“At this point, I cannot imagine a life without my bike.” This is Sheryl (a.k.a. Ms. Bitch Cakes), and her HelloView full post »


I found Julie through her Flickr photos. Judging by her photostream it seems she’s never without her camera orView full post »

Bike Bedlam!

Well. I just saw this. That should get New York cycling’s Internet representatives’ panties up in no smallView full post »

Back at it

Here is another image from my shoot with Ben. I’m re-energized, the World Cup is over, time for more BikeNYCView full post »


As I mentioned in the previous post, it turns out that a good #BikeNYC portrait is not just a nice keepsake/FacebookView full post »


Macdonough St. in Bed-Stuy. More to come from this shoot. Ben has three bikes…View full post »

Noel and Emily

What? Another couple shoot? Meet Noel and Emily (aka @noneck and @emjacobi). Turns out we’re Greenpoint neighbors. WeView full post »

Adam and Missy

I met Adam and Missy through the magic of Twitter (Adam: @feedmeshow. Missy: @listenmissy).  They are both avidView full post »


David lives in Greenpoint. He teaches Literature and makes music. You can hear some of the songs off his new CD, “View full post »


Melanie had a shameful secret. Despite having been born and raised in sunny California, she never learned to ride aView full post »

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