Catherine and her Citizen Miami Folding Bike on 8th Ave

citizen miami folding bike portrait catherine manhattan new york

Catherine was zipping to a Midtown meeting along 8th Ave but kindly stopped to pose with her Citizen Miami folding bike. The folder is convenient enough to take inside overnight but not so expensive that she’s afraid to lock it up for outside for an hour or two.

I told her I loved the color (“Flamingo”!) – turns out it was a big reason she chose this model.

One of the perils of using a bike for transportation in New York (not talking cabbies, dooring, salmon, trucks…) is that it really spoils you. After I started riding regularly I lost my built-up tolerance for the various indignities of the subway and became annoyed when I couldn’t bike to my destination for some reason. Catherine, too, admits getting frustrated when the bike is not an option. “I love New York, but I’m too much of an outdoor person not to ride whenever I can.”


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