Patrick: NYPD Officer on a Bike


Patrick, NYPD officer, Little Italy
There just aren’t that many cops on bikes in New York, so I was glad Patrick agreed to a portrait and a quick chat.
It’s great to see a cop on a bike – there aren’t a lot of you!
Yeah, it’s three guys in my precinct, and that’s only during the summer.
Do you like this assignment?
Oh yeah, it’s great, and… I can definitely use the exercise.
Do you ride outside of the job?
Yeah, I bike around my house, on Staten Island.

Not the best place to bike.
There were some good places, before Sandy. But I take the ferry to Manhattan and then walk to work from there.
From the ferry to Little Italy? You should join Citi Bike, it would be perfect for you.
Yeah? Maybe. I’ll take a look.
So… do you ticket cyclists?
Well… no, I don’t really do much of that. But you know, I think there should be more respect out there for pedestrians. I see it on the Brooklyn Bridge, with these guys blowing through in the bike lane and yelling at people. Yes, I know, there’s a bike lane there, but come on, you know? Let’s all work together a little bit here.
So, what if you have to chase someone by bike?
The department has a training program where they teach you this move where you ditch the bike and tackle the suspect. It’s a three-day course, really intensive.
Have you ever had to do it? 
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  • Addicted - I agree that there needs to be more respect for Peds. As someone who started biking to work, I don’t stop at every red light, and occasionally go the wrong way, but always make sure peds are at a safe distance. If there are peds in the crosswalk I don’t pass.

    The reason is simple. I hope and expect cars who are faster and more dangerous to me to be respectful for my safety (and to my surprise cab drivers are pretty good..the private vehicles OTOH…). Similarly I need to reciprocate that to the more vulnerable user in the bike-ped interaction.

  • Dalia - Seems like a genuine nice guy. We need more like him

  • Tal F. - Cops should get e-bikes. Then I bet they’d be faster than the cars in dense city traffic. Where are his blue and red lights? Actually, I don’t see any lights or even a bell on this bike. Give him a ticket!

  • Ryan Brenizer - I agree. I only yell at people who genuinely threaten others safety, which are usually motorists, about two to three times for every mile traveled. Very nice to peds. What I find helpful is when someone is wandering in your way, toss them a loud but friendly “Hi there!” Save the yelling for the folks who literally jump in your way (which happens).

  • Dmitry - “Hi there!” is exactly my wife’s technique. She manages a tone that is simultaneously sweet and accusatory.

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