Citi Bike Portrait: Lenny the Hotel Doorman


Lenny Faverey lives in Long Island and has been a hotel doorman in Midtown Manhattan for 30 years. He’s also an amateur photographer, often taking the train to Penn Station a few hours before his shift so he can walk around taking photos of the city he loves. When bike share rolled out in May, he tried it out with a couple of day passes, got hooked, and bought an annual membership. Since then he’s become an unofficial ambassador of the program.

“I get to see more neighborhoods. Since I started using the bikes I’ve saved lots of money by not taking cabs or subways. It’s also helped me get into shape – my Heineken belly has gotten a bit smaller! Whenever I see tourists having trouble with the machine I stop and help them out. I also explain the program to anybody who wants to know about it.

“I had a couple of guests at my hotel who were late for their Broadway show, and they were having trouble getting a cab. I said, Why don’t you try the Citi Bike. I explained how to get a bike and showed them on my phone where the stations are. They made it to the play on time – and used Citi Bikes to get back to the hotel.”

I asked him what changes he’d like to see in the program.

“Add more, add more, add more.”

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