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New York City Bike Delivery Guy: Eddy

I met Eddy in the West Vilalge. He complimented my Brompton, we got to talking. How do you like the work?  ItView full post »

Bike Portrait: E. on 2nd Ave

From an on-the-street shoot for the new issue of Momentum Magazine. E. is a stylist from DC who was job-huntingView full post »

What do we want from our Police?

The cop is pointing to the “rules of the road” on the Citi Bike, insisting what he is doing has something toView full post »

Cyclist Candid: Relaxed in Motion

Sometimes you get the pan just right. And the subject will unwittingly give you a statuesque pose. Over 100 more “View full post »

Bike Messenger Portrait: Gabriel

“I’ve been a messenger for 2 years. It pays the bills while I’m in school.” Bike: Bianchi ViaView full post »

Hello Kitty

Seen in the West Village. I think I know the perfect cruiser bike for her. Many more candid photos of New York cyclistsView full post »


I got caught! He blew down 5th Ave and I was heading crosstown. Even so, he circled around and caught up to me at aView full post »

New York Bike Portrait: Faye and her Biria

“I like it but it’s slow! I feel like everyone and their mom passes me.”View full post »

Brooklyn Xtracycle

“Matt, a photographer is chasing you.” Matt’s wife was right – I saw these two riding intoView full post »

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