The best of the #BikeNYC portraits, so far.

Interested in a portrait? Contact me!

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  • jan - I came to your slide show because I follow Bitchcakes’ blog! One great thing leads to another and your photos are truly artistry! Wonderful…cool bikes too! Thanks for sharing.

  • Kathy - Loved the slide show. Very cool!!!! Came to your site because of Sheryl a/k/a Bitch Cakes.

  • Sheryl - Glad I came back! I love how this came out too – I remember when we took it and I saw it on the back of your camera – the red and yellow graffiti behind me. I can’t believe what a great job you did! thank you again. And funny you mention how my bike is obviously ‘used’ – I considered trying to clean it before the shoot. I’m glad I didn’t :)

  • Bike Portraits | Nels, Just Nels - […] And then we didn’t see each other for about two years, which brings us to about three weeks ago, when Dmitry and I bumped into each other, and Dmitry told me about a project he’s pursuing that combines his passion with photography with his passion for bikes: a bike portrait portfolio. Read about it and see some of his great shots here. […]

  • Ed - Nicely done, Dmitri.
    If you are ever in São Paulo, let’s ride!


  • Dmitry - Thanks Ed! If I’m there, you’ll be the first to know :)

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