New York City Bike Delivery Guy: Eddy

new york bike delivery guy


I met Eddy in the West Vilalge. He complimented my Brompton, we got to talking.
How do you like the work? 
It pays the bills. It’s enough for what I need right now.
Pretty cool bike – is it yours? 
Yeah, I have this one and a couple others at home. I have one I really like, a Moulton – it’s an English folding bike. Rides really nice.
So, bike delivery guys have a reputation, in terms of wrong way riding, sidewalk riding…
I know. You know, I used to do a lot more of that stuff, but now I try to set a good example. I’m 42 years old, so I try to set a better example for the younger guys I work with. But you know, people also don’t like to wait a long time for their food.
So yeah, I try to stay off the sidewalk, but not always. I crashed on the cobblestones here and knocked out a couple of teeth. So I’m not going to ride on the cobblestones.
The other day a cop gave me a ticket for riding on the sidewalk. I was coasting from the curb to the restaurant. Maybe ten feet. And the cop gives me a ticket. I’m like come on man, I’m working. I understand if I’m some reckless kid dicking around on his bike, it’s dangerous, sure, give me a ticket. But I’m working.
Thanks, Eddy. 
Take care, D. Wear a helmet!
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