Brooklyn Bike Portrait: Aaron and Teeter

dogs on bikes

Aaron works in construction in Long Island City. Teeter rides to work with him every day from Bed-Stuy and hangs out at the office. Aaron estimates that in the last 6 years of commuting with Teeter, they’ve done close to 10,000 miles together. I can report first-hand that Teeter enjoys his speedy perch and barks at every single dog they ride past.

dog on bike

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  • Hiroyasu Uchiyama - This Brooklyn bike portlait is much better / impressed more than any other bike magazines published in Japan. I dont like to see a model dressed in expensive bike shirt and pants, but your portlait tells us the bike and the person’s life style. Surely I tell my bike friends this photo site.

    I have never seen such Salsa melted into this man’s life and a dog in backpack (great!).

    Though I can give you only comment, we always look forward to your photos.

    Thank you for your great work.

    Hiro Uchiyama

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