Monthly Archives: November 2011

Bike Portrait Print Sale!

In honor of Cyborg Monday or whatever the made-up consumer occasion is, I’m holding a bike portrait print sale.View full post »

New York Bike Portrait: Steve in Chinatown

Steve’s been following this site for awhile and finally decided he wanted a bike portrait of his own. So heView full post »

New York Bike Portrait: Ed Lederman

Ed Lederman is a talented and established architectural and panoramic photographer in New York City. He’s beenView full post »

Bike Portrait: Susi Wunsch of Velojoy

This is one of my favorite outtakes from a shoot awhile back with Susi Wunsch, who runs the cycling blog Velojoy. TheView full post »

“People call me the Catwoman”

Though a little later she told me they also call her Cathy. I saw her on her Cannondale in Jamaica, Queens. &#View full post »

F a c e b o o k