About #BikeNYC

The #BikeNYC project is an ongoing series of portraits and profiles of New Yorkers who use a bicycle to get around. Taken together, these images and stories begin to form a portrait of New York as an emerging cycling city. The project was started in February 2010 by Brooklyn photographer Dmitry Gudkov. The #BikeNYC name is in reference to the Twitter hashtag, which allows disparate people to share and discuss everything related to cycling in New York.



#BikeNYC Project on Facebook

#BikeNYC in the Atlantic Cities

The profiles appear as a weekly feature on Streetsblog.org called “Why I Ride.”

The #BikeNYC project was featured on the front page of Flickr!

Read an interview about the #BikeNYC project on the Huffington Post.

#BikeNYC feature in ARTCRANK

Interview in Transportation Alternatives Reclaim Magazine

  • Martin - Great site, my girlfriend visited New York 2 yrs in a row and discovered Brooklyn last year. It is great to see the combination of bicycles and our favourite city in the world.

  • Margaret Jacobi - Hi There,

    My name is Margaret Jacobi and I work for a multimedia website
    offering editorial, video, and radio content called BreakThru Radio. Here at BTR we’ve decided to launch a feature to our content that will allow for cross-promotion and relationship building with bloggers.

    It involves re-posting a published blog entry from an outside blog on a rotating basis with links back to the original site. Music blog re-posts on Monday, Food blogs on Tuesday, Tech/Sports blogs on Wednesday, Political/News blogs on Thursday, etc.

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    One of my co-workers recommended BikeNYC, and I thought you might be a great fit for this. Your photography is beautiful and I’m a New York cyclist myself, so it would be cool for me to feature you. I was hoping you might be interested in this for a re-post and/or interview? I can’t tell you how much I’d appreciate the opportunity to work together.

    Thanks so much, I look forward to hearing from you,

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