New York Bike Shop: 718 Cyclery

Finding myself in Park Slope the other day, I stopped by Brooklyn bike shop 718 Cyclery to give my Fuji a much-needed tune up. Joe, the owner, works as an architect by day, so the shop was left in the capable hands of Krys and Ben, who as it happens have both graced this site with their bikes. While Krys expertly tended to my bike, gritty from a year’s worth of near daily riding, I snapped a few photos. I only had the telephoto with me, so I’d love to come back and take some shots that give a better sense of the shop. Click through for the rest of the photos.

Phone pic of Krys the Bike Whisperer

The bottom bracket bore the signs of salty winter roads

Krys is a talented illustrator, and some of her work adorns the walls of the workshop.

Ben manned the front counter and assisted customers.

Krys’s near-compulsive labeling and arranging of the tools is not only good for organization but, for a relative neophyte like me, very educational.

A clean bike is a healthy bike.

Crucially, Krys secured my replacement Brooks saddle with the old bicycle chain in a tube trick. More peace of mind is a good thing.

Do your bike and yourself a favor and get it tuned up for spring!

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  • Joe - Sorry I missed you…cant seem to shake this day job.

  • Dmitry - Day jobs are like that. I’m sure I’ll be in again soon.

  • thom - Excellent pics of the shop. I want to go to there.
    I also want to get close to that bike, carrying my multi-tool… blade for the tube, chainbreaker for the chain, allan for the seat post! I kid, I kid…

  • Dmitry - Get away, you!

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