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Last week I attended the inaugural #BikeNYC Tech Meetup, organized by Noel Hidalgo, Lara of Bicycle Habitat, and Michael Green of BikeBlogNYC. The purpose of the meetup was for tech-minded New Yorkers who are also cyclists to meet each other and discuss projects/collaborations to use technology to improve the biking experience in the city.  A few of the faces were already familiar to me. Noel, Jonathan, and Scott were previous portrait subjects. A few others I knew from online interactions but had never met in person. Scott has a nice write-up of the proceedings on his CitySpoke blog, so I’ll just share a couple of photos I snapped at the event. The meetup was held at Pivotal Labs near Union Square – a great venue made that much more welcoming by the free beer and snacks.

Also, Noel was kind enough to let me make a mini-presentation of my #BikeNYC portrait series, which was very cool.

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Noel Hidalgo

Michael Green


Ed Ravin of the Five Borough Bicycle Club

Dan Latorre

Whose awesome folding bike was this?

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